Feenie is Front Page News


For those that were still not convinced; it’s official. Rob Feenie has quit Lumière and Feenie’s. The drama surrounding this departure is such that the Vancouver Sun has put the news on the front page today. It also looks like the drama isn’t over yet, at least as far as Feenie is concerned:

"I’m trying to buy it back. If he
rejects the deal, it’s then personal and if he wants to make it
personal, I do have the ability to take it to that level," Feenie said.
"I will not let these restaurants go. I’ve worked too hard."

I certainly hope Feenie will be cooking again soon and I hope wholeheartedly it’ll be in Kitsilano. The Feenie watch is on…

Photo by Gizzypooh

Last modified: June 2, 2008

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