A Condo-Dwellers’ IGA


The new Marketplace IGA on Broadway (@ Vine, in "The Vine") opened today. Although I didn’t see anybody coming out with cake smudges on their face, early birds did receive a nice flower. And like London Drugs on opening day, the place was packed.

This opening means that there are now two IGAs within a two block distance. I had assumed that the existing location at Maple would close once the new location opened, but for the time being, both stores will coexist.

Now that I’ve had a chance to go in, I’m starting to understand why. It looks like the new location has been designed with urban, condo-dwelling shoppers in mind. The kind of shoppers that buy their groceries on a daily basis, rather than driving to the supermarket every Saturday to get a week’s supply of food. The store is a lot bigger than I imagined and it seems to carry the full range of products, but the space is a lot more cramped than in the old location, and best navigated with a shopping basket rather than a cart.

In addition, there are only three check-outs that have a conveyor belt, all other check-outs are very short with just enough space for the contents of a full basket. And right next to the supermarket is an IGA Bistro with some tables and chairs, where one can get lunch and dinner fare.

One last interesting thing to note; a neighbour told me that IGA employees from the old location were handing out flyers thanking customers for shopping there. Apparently the new location isn’t unionized, whereas the old one is.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

3 Responses to " A Condo-Dwellers’ IGA "

  1. Stefan says:

    I received a letter in the mail thanking me for shopping at the old location. After talking to some employees it appears the new location is a franchise, while the old one is corporate. That is why the old location is union and the new one is not. It appears actually that the two locations will be in competition against each other. I personally will root for the old location!

  2. IGGY says:

    Don’t forget the IGA that is going into Viridian Green at West 4th & Collingwood – http://www.viridiangreen.ca

  3. EC says:

    The old Marketplace store on west Broadway at Maple will probably close when it’s lease expires. This is because Home Depot owns the land and wants to build a new store there. This is why Marketplace IGA opened a new store .