Le Château in the Haus


The Koolhaus moving sale wraps up on Oct. 31st and floor stock is slowly shrinking. It will be sad to see them relocate to Gastown as they brought a little stlye to the old CIBC building – one of a few commerical structures in Kits listed on the Vancouver Heritage Registrar. Unfortunatlely, ultra-trendy Le Château will be moving in just in time for the Christmas shopping season. I’m not sure if Le Château is the best fit for Kits but there is no doubt that they have built a successful retail business solely on quickly identifying and responding to fashion trends.

photo by mezzoblue

Last modified: June 2, 2008

4 Responses to " Le Château in the Haus "

  1. Matt says:

    Le Chateau???? I was hoping an Earl’s or something like it was coming to 4th Ave. You’d think some restauranteur would see how successful Browns has been one block away.

  2. Dave S. says:

    Hey, that’s my photo you’re using unaccredited!


    It’s really not that hard to obey the terms of the CC license attached to it. I wonder why you didn’t?


  3. Rob says:

    Sorry Dave – forgot to add the credit. It’s there now – my apologies.


  4. Erik says:

    Looks like Steph was pretty close in his comment to this post:


    “ps. Watch for another sad chain to take over the Koolhaus space on 4th and Yew. Gap? Abercrombie? H & M? (yes, H&M sucks too…sorry.)”

    I wasn’t thrilled about the Reitmans and I am certainly not thrilled about Le Château. But it does begin to look like a trend.