Quasimodo Under the Burrard Street Bridge


Boca del Lupo is a cheeky little theatre company with a love of the great outdoors, and especially Stanley Park. Storm damage to the park and the subsequent summer clean-up means the Luponians can’t present their usual show. Enter Kitsilano.

FREE tickets are available today for Quasimodo Or The Bell Ringer of Our Lady of Paree, which will be Boca del Lupo’s 10th-anniversary free, outdoor, all-ages, roving spectacular. Thanks to the cooperation of the Squamish first nation, and with generous support from Vancouver Opera, Quasimodo will take place under the Kitsilano side of the Burrard Bridge. Go to Boca del Lupo’s website for tickets NOW as although Quasimodo doesn’t run until August 10th to 25th, the free tickets will gone quick.

Last modified: December 9, 2008

2 Responses to " Quasimodo Under the Burrard Street Bridge "

  1. Julianne Anderson says:

    The Boca del Lupo shows are free but you do need to book your day and time on their website. The shows are great family fun and adults on their own would enjoy the show too.

    You follow the actors (in the past through the forest) and this year should be very interesting.


  2. Andrew says:

    The tickets are all gone!