Fitness that’s FUNctional


If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may remember my rant about the Bootcamp craze that took over our beaches last year. While I still think these giant Bootcamps are a waste of money, I’ve gotta come clean about what I’m doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work.

James Sherrett of Work Industries hit me with an email a couple weeks ago preaching the virtues of the Functional Athletics Camp that his friend runs on Kits beach. I guess he figured that since I play hockey, have a desk job, and live in Kits, I’d be an ideal candidate.

It turns out James’ friend is Curt Heywood of Canadian National Track & Field fame (4 Time National Polevault Champion) and his camp is the one that I’ve been catching a glimpse of from my deck on Cornwall for the last couple summers.

I’ve been three times this month and I’m hooked. I’m actually looking forward to being ready for hockey season next year. So, if you’re sitting on the fence with regards to your fitness, check out Curt’s camps. It’s a good group of people, camouflage clothing is discouraged and no one will yell at you like a Drill Sargent. Curt’s philosophy is feel fit – play everything. Makes sense to me.

His June camp starts on June 5th at 6:30pm and goes every Tuesday & Thursday for 8 sessions. But don’t commit until you give it a shot. Grab $10 for your first time drop-in fee, a bottle of water and a towel, and look for us just above the Kits Showboat on the grass.

Last modified: November 25, 2008

One Response to " Fitness that’s FUNctional "

  1. James says:

    Hey Rob, thanks for the kind words! I love Curts camps and have been hooked for 2 years now. I call it the cure for the desk-bound body because I feel so good after.

    Curt’s also super accommodating. So if anyone has any questions, email him and he’ll get back to you.