Canadian Tire Closing its Doors


If you’ve ever rented an apartment or bought a fixer-upper in Kitsilano, chances are you’ve been to the Canadian Tire on Chestnut Street for a new broom or a fire detector. While it’s been a landmark for years, we all knew its days were numbered when the Canadian Tire MegaStore went up at Cambie & 7th. The doors close for good on June 1st, so if you’re a fan of narrow aisles and weak selection, get there quick. Looks like Gandy’s Home Hardware on West 4th is going to be busy this summer.

Last modified: November 25, 2008

One Response to " Canadian Tire Closing its Doors "

  1. Crappy Tire says:

    Shitty. But it’s probably about time – that store knew nothing about customer service.