Cambie’s loss is Kitsilano’s gain


Tomato Fresh Food Cafe owner Christian Gaudreault has had enough of the RAV line construction and is pulling up stakes from his Cambie Street location. Pete McMartin of the Sun interviewed Christian for a recent article and found that the Province’s Shop the Line campaign just wasn’t cutting it.

And you won’t hear that from the squads of well-paid consultants and media relations people who instead have been urging the public to Shop the Line — the hilariously facile slogan they came up with as a way of begging shoppers to brave the Cambie Street war zone in the hope they might staunch the financial hemorrhaging going on down there.

Look for Tomato to open very soon in the former location of Mark James’ Fiasco ar the corner of Bayswater & West Broadway.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

One Response to " Cambie’s loss is Kitsilano’s gain "

  1. James says:

    A friend mentioned the campaign to shop on Granville Street a few days ago and I had to mention to her that it was *Cambie* Street they were advertising.