A bandwagon jumper’s inquiry


On Friday, I emerged from the (albeit fun and educational) fog of a two week full time practicum at the Kits library.  I rubbed my eyes, looked up, and realized that the city was in full blown playoff fever.  Truly exciting, especially since I was in Edmonton for the Flames cup run, and I was in Vancouver for Edmonton’s shot at Stanley.  Finally I will get the whole experience of a city gone wild for a team I care about, even if it’s in an admittedly bandwagony sort of way.  Having forsworn television upon moving to the new place, I need the scoop on the best pubs in Kits for watching the hopefully many more than 2 Canucks games to come! 

Last modified: April 29, 2007

One Response to " A bandwagon jumper’s inquiry "

  1. ejtje says:

    Haven’t watched a game in a Kits pub/bar myself (or at home for that matter…) but during the Stars series noticed that the Coppertank Grill (3135 West Broadway) was packed with a lively looking bunch. Would be my bar of choice for future games.