Bike Further Eat Closer


A couple super awesome ladies that I know are doing an incredible thing…riding their bikes to Argentina and back and following the 100 mile diet along the way.  They want to raise awareness of their "global vision: a world with more bikes, less cars, local and accessible food, filled with happy, healthy beings."   If, like me, you can’t imagine yourself undertaking such a huge…undertaking, there’s a way for you to contribute. 

Chelsea and Marla are holding a fundraiser party starting at 11 am on Saturday April 28 (and likely carrying on into the night) at Chelsea’s house in Kits (2975 West 14th Ave), the site of many a raucous costume bash over the past couple of years. For sale will be art, baking, cloth grocery bags, smoothies, BBQ, and other stuff.  They’ll also gladly accept donations of items to sell, especially made with local food and/or recycled stuff, as well as moral support to ease their jitters.

For more information contact them at

Last modified: November 18, 2008

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