The Kitsilano Bistro Revival


Tim Pawsey of the Vancouver Courier reviews Kit’s newest bistro and points out that we’re in the middle of a bistro revival right here in Kitsilano.

This latest newcomer, along with Gastropod and Fuel (not to mention close-by Pastis and Bishop’s) promises to raise Kitsilano’s culinary currency even further. And arguably the most refreshing aspect of this arrival is Bistrot Bistro’s obvious understanding of just what it promises to be-and is. Owners Laurent and Valérie Devin deliberately set out to create a neighbourhood room based on firmly traditional-often robust but always polished-French flavours served in a contemporary setting.

For some, this uncluttered green-apple space may at first appear cool, but you can be sure the welcome you’ll receive is anything but. How gratifying to walk into a newly minted room and be warmly greeted by someone so totally secure in their role as host. The owners (both of whom have strong hospitality backgrounds) are passionate about everything they do. And it shows, throughout, from the moment Valérie starts to explain the menu to the presentation of the bill, complete with thoughtful envelope containing credit card and receipt.

Sounds like I won’t be missing the Best Dry Ginger Beef in Vancouver – read Tim’s full mouth-watering review.

Gastropod in Vancouver

Last modified: December 9, 2008

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