Sex offender using YewTube


An on-the-run convicted sex offender from Scotland, who posted pleas of innocence on YouTube, has been taken into custody in Vancouver.  According to, a warrant was issued for 55-year-old Colin Guy in October, after he failed to appear for sentencing in the town of Paisley, Scotland. Look closely at his YouTube video titled Down But Not Out in Wonderful Kitsilano. This dirty old man is using an Internet work station in the 24 hour convenience store at West 1st & Yew. Mikey has been frequenting this 24 hour joint for years and refers to it as Dirtys – how fitting.

Last modified: December 9, 2008

6 Responses to " Sex offender using YewTube "

  1. wont smile says:

    where is
    mr Guy now?

  2. WomanInFilm says:

    If there are any filmmakers in Vancouver who would like to work with me, I have footage of Colin Guy that I am using to make a documentary tentatively titled “AKA Will Smile.” As I am one of his victims, and received no help from the authorities in return for the help I gave them, which BTW led directly to his arrest, I am having a rather difficult time emotionally, and working with this footage alone is not easy for me. I was persuaded not to press charges for his offenses against me, as to do so would’ve detained him in Canada, and the Scottish authorities wanted his return most urgently. I have a great deal of info about him, and the finished documentary will, I hope, make for an valuable study in criminal pathology. The BBC News Team have expressed interest in this footage, so obviously there is something of merit in it. Drop me a line if you think you might have the time and the skills to give me a hand with this project. I would also like to talk to anyone who can supply more details regarding the drug bust he and his brother Alistair were involved in, something to do with heroin smuggling. Also, anyone who can enlighten me further regarding Guy’s involvement in Scientology (apparently for some 12 years) and the circumstances that led to his being branded a “Suppressive Person” by that organization. Thank you.

  3. dogtanian says:

    So where is mr guy,ms euterp?

  4. wontsmile says:

    At long last this hero of pot is a free man

  5. intrigued says:

    Hi womaninfilm, if you are still getting emails on this account then I would very much like to get in touch with you, I know quite allot about Messrs Guy & Guy,