Go Canucks…


I don’t watch a great deal of television. In fact, one of the joys of living in Kits, is that I feel i don’t need to. For most of the year, I don’t even have cable. However, around the middle of October, every year, I get the Itch. Canucks hockey is back. Then, there is Pay Per View. Once in awhile, it is nice to congregate somewhere with other Canucks fans to commiserate/congratulate.

The most obvious choice is Malones, a self-styled sports bar with a great deck. It’s frat house feel and free flowing beer, congenial staff, and convenient location is an easy choice. However, sometimes variety is nice.

So, I put it to the loyal readers of Kitsilano.ca. Where is the best place to watch Canucks Hockey in Kitsilano?

Last modified: November 28, 2006

2 Responses to " Go Canucks… "

  1. Wally the Walrus says:

    Tatlows or Neverminds… the bartender at neverminds gave free shots for every canucks goal last time. Tatlows has a good setup.

    ..there should be some winter cable package for people who only want TV in these dead months.

  2. Megs says:

    I agree, Malone’s is always the obvious choice…it’s right down the block within walking distance and the alcohol is always free flowing there-the staff is what makes the place…maybe the menu could change…just once in a while….please? I also gave Karv another chance the other night. The food is pretty good and the staff has changed since the summer-thank goodness!…I’ve never watched a game there, but they have a great big screen.