Oak down between Yew & Vine


Sometimes I get writer’s block when trying to come up with stuff about Kits. Luckily, I occasionaly recieve random emails to rob@kitsilano.ca with suggestions on what to cover. Here’s what’s new tonight:

Seventh Avenue is totally blocked off between Yew and Vine because of a tree that collapsed Sunday evening (Nov. 26) around 11pm. It was a large oak tree; rather odd it would fall down just from the weight of the snow. It took down some power lines with it so now the area is blocked off with tape.

Another tree came down nearby, on the south side of Sixth Avenue just east of Yew. It used to be a very odd tree because it grew at a slant, perhaps a 45 degree angle.

Thanks Border Crosser!

Last modified: November 27, 2006

2 Responses to " Oak down between Yew & Vine "

  1. Wally the Walrus says:

    Talk about the next kits… is it main street? Where are all the 20-30 somethings going to live?

    Actually, I’m curious what the disposable income stats are for yuppies living in Kits versus Yale Town versus Main Street etc…