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Hey All. I’m another new kid on the block – Jen from WorldWideWaterCooler.  Thanks to the cool kids at for inviting me on board to post every now and again!

When I first moved to my little piece of the pie North-of-Fourth, I figured I’d be livin’ large on the outside, and eating Ramen Noodles daily just to pay the rent.  So far it’s not come to that, but I still squeal when I find a great deal in the neighbourhood.

So I was ELATED to find brunch at Tatlow’s. You know the place – across from The Naam, with the torches. Their drink specials and broiler bar fare is great, but the real treasure is the brunch. With all but one of the items on the brunch menu $15 or less (and about half those coming in under the $10 mark), there are nearly endless options for filling all of your grease-filled breakfasty needs at a price that also makes the budget happy.

My general Saturday Morning staple is the Bacon & Eggs for $6.95.  And for my hard earned pennies I get two GIGANTIC organic free range eggs, five (yes, that’s FIVE) generous slices of bacon, two slices of toast (white, wheat, rye or sourdough) brought in fresh daily from La Baguette Bakery and their heavenly pan-fried nugget potatoes. Other huge wins are the bennys, and the french toast with cardamom maple cream cheese.

Tatlow’s for brunch.  Served weekends and holidays from 9:30am.  Go.  Eat.  Love.

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Last modified: June 3, 2008

3 Responses to " Brunchy Wunchy "

  1. Kitser says:

    Love Tatlows for brunch…but they need the latte! PLS PLS PLS

  2. tatlowfan says:

    gotta love Tatlows, high quality for cheap prices… and good service.

  3. LOVEtoEAT says:

    Great to watch hockey game, fun times, great beer.