Curry in a Hurry in Kits


If you’re homebound and dying for some take-out from Rangoli, check out Rubina Grill’s new home delivery service – Curry 2 U. Rubina Grill in the Granville Island Food Court is Krishna Jamal’s only fastfood location but it looks like she has found a way to keep it busy after the market closes at 7pm. Vancity Indian-food lovers will recognize the name. This is the same Jamal who’s healthy dishes that have attracted attention and rave reviews across North America since 1992. You may have even dined at a couple of her other local eateries: Rubina Tandoori on Kingsway and Tamarind on West Broadway.

Only advice for Curry 2 U – the next time you carpet bomb hungry Kitsilano residents with delivery brochures, make sure you have enough delivery drivers. 75 minutes is a long time to wait when your mouth is watering. But Curry 2 U did not disappoint – the Butter Chicken is the bomb.

Last modified: November 18, 2008

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