Mexican on the outside, Danish on the inside


Recently, a friend and I were walking along Broadway just west of Macdonald on one of what have become my precious few shopping excursions.  Ever the intrepid neighbourhood blogger, I insisted we pop into any newish shops we came across.  First up, the shoe and accessories outfit called Shofi, which is utterly lacking a web presence.  We were immediately assailed with the cry of  “I give you good deal!” with which  I became intimately familiar in Mexico.  Turns out everything in Shofi, if I remember correctly, is designed and made in Mexico.  True to their palabra, at first glance anyway, the place was chock full of good deals on cute of-the-moment swag. 

A few doors down, we entered a lingerie store called Change.  In an eerie bit of deja-vu, the first words out of the saleswoman’s mouth were, “Everything here is designed and made in Denmark.”  I had no idea the Scandanavians were so sexy.  Except for, you know, all those blonde, blue-eyed models. 

Last modified: November 18, 2008

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