McDonald’s – Next Exit


Bob Mackin of 24 Hours reports today that the Squamish Nation held the first of two open houses yesterday regarding their ludicrous plans to erect 11 x 3 metre billboards on the 4 hectares of land north of Molson Brewery to False Creek.  They hope to sell ads through partner All Vision on five billboards next to the Burrard Street Bridge.  The billboards are scheduled to be erected in early 2007 but first they need to pass a federal environmental review.

The Squamish Nation business and revenue department claims that they are a good neighbour and want to balance their needs with community concern. Good one! A second open house took place today at 4pm at the Squamish Nation Recreation Centre in North Vancouver. Those unable to attend are urged to email or call 604-666-3931 to protest.

Last modified: January 17, 2009

3 Responses to " McDonald’s – Next Exit "

  1. Totem pole marks the spot! says:

    After your original post on this topic, I was wondering where the land in question was. Makes sense now, the Squamish Band has trimmed back weeds and bush to expose an old decrepide totem pole just east of the Burrard Bridge as you pass under it. This clearly proves the land is theirs… I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of old rusty Safeway shopping carts in there too!

  2. Tom says:

    I think the billboards will be an eyesore for sure, and any company advertising will be risking consumer backlash. However I don’t like the tone of the post. The Band still deserve respect. It is their land! Other cities like Toronto are awash with billboards. It’s the rampant consumerism we should be writing about, not a tiny Squamish nation. They’re taking advantage of an opportunity – just like all the money-grabbing real estate investors who drive that bridge every day. I hate billboards and in your face advertising full-stop – the Band are just taking advantage of the consumerist we created.

  3. Darrell says:

    NIMBY’s keep your eyes on the car infront of you and you will avoid the advertising that will enable Squamish Nation to raise funds to run unsubsidized (No government funding-a step to self-determination) social programs and not rear end the car infront of you! GO Squamish GO!