Saturday stroll


Mikey and I skipped the Folk Fest today and opted to cruise West 4th and check out what’s new on the strip. Based on the retail frenzy we witnessed, it looks like the neighborhood economy is booming.  Everywhere we went seemed to be packed. Thanks to Gravity Pope’s Birthday Sale it was wall-to-wall attractive people buying expensive shoes. And just up the street at the Kitsilano Wine Cellar it looked like a florist shop at 5:30pm on February 14th. Either everybody is drinking vino this summer or the masses are fearing a serious grape shortage and stocking their cellars.

In the food department, we grabbed brunch at Gypsy Rose and were throughly impressed. What this crepe shop lacks in decor, it makes up in quality. Skip Cafe Crepe and give the Gypsy a chance. Mikey likes to feed often on weekends, so we popped into the Fish Cafe for a late afternoon snack. After reading plenty of great reviews on the the original Fish Cafe on West 41st, I figured is was time to try out their Kits location. If you’re not a fish-lover, DO NOT go here. I opted for the deep-fried calamari and wasn’t disappointed.

Last modified: July 15, 2006

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