Ambush at Kits Beach


CardiocoreI feared for my life while running by Watermark on Kits Beach this morning when I spotted a camouflage-clad platoon in my periphery.  AMBUSH!!!!  It turns out it was just a Cardio-Core Bootcamp class of about 75 trying to get into shape for the tail-end of summer. I gotta say I thought this concept was semi-interesting when I saw the odd class of 4-8 people in private bootcamp classes around Kits Beach the last couple of summers, but this is getting crazy. Cardio-Core has gone from a unique idea to a franchise and people are flocking to it like lemmings. These fitness crazes have got out of hand – first it was pole-dancing and now this. I’m going for a ‘jog‘.

Note to Cardio Core – don’t give your signature camouflage t-shirts to recruits until they have achieved fitness perfection and graduated. These instantly recognizable t-shirts serve as walking billboards on your trim, fit instructors but don’t exactly sell the concept on a 285 pound, 5’11" guy that dropped out of the program after day one.

Last modified: July 12, 2006

4 Responses to " Ambush at Kits Beach "

  1. kitsgirl says:

    cardiocore is crap. If you wanna get in shape do the survivorbootcamp instead. they have been around longer, have smaller class sizes and are genuine and lots of fun! I just finished a 4 week session and now i am popping out muscles everywhere and have shrunk a few inches here and there, its great!!!! i heard that “someone” who runs cardiowhore actually ripped off ideas from survivorbootcamp! nice work, but you wont get any money outta me with that kind of attitude!. and those tee shirts are beyond tacky……

  2. t1 says:

    i also shrunk a few inches, but after doing the roidcore program. i must say i’m not impressed. stick with survivorbootcamp or cardiocore if you can.

  3. CardioWhore says:

    Cardiocore is a great way to meet people – I’ve fucked three guys in the last two weeks. Thanks to them, I’m not out of breath after a long session. Thanks Cardiocore!

  4. Fan of CardioCore says:

    Cardio Core is awesome. I dont know who thinks it is funny to call them CardioWhore but honestly you are ridiculous. The classes are great, the instructors are fun and everyday you are doing different exercises. In 4 weeks I lost 16 inches (total body) Also, for those who want ot comment about the size of people coming to cardio core get over yourselves. I think it is great that this type of fitness is truly open to every body type.