Popcorns wars on the Westside


PopcornJames Sherrett over at Up in Ontario reports that the Ridge Theatre has been dethroned as popcorn king now that it is part of Festival Cinemas Family. This guy is the Roger Ebert of a movie popcorn and I take his critical movie popcorn reviews and ratings very seriously.

What used to be the best popcorn in the city, bar none, is now a shadow of its former self. I don’t know what happened, but the corn that used to be worth seeing a mediocre move for, now comes out stale, lukewarm and generic. I’ve had better handfulls from a Silver City. Okay, maybe not. But it’s about on par. Gawd, what have they done?

But don’t worry, Ebert has found a new champion on the Westside: The Dunbar Theatre.

A new king has ascended, all hail the new king! The popcorn of the Dunbar is the best in town, without exception. I don’t even know if I could make a better bowl at home, which makes it all the more satisfying. The kernals are large and fluffy, always served hot and always popped for the show you’re about to see. They use real butter, they layer it into the large and they have a discreet salt shaker off to the side for a little added touch. They do it all right. They’ll even refill your bag for you if asked, though they don’t advertise this and they sensibly have to charge for the reload of butter.

Last modified: April 14, 2006

One Response to " Popcorns wars on the Westside "

  1. Clinton says:

    Haven’t caught a movie at the Dunbar Theatre in years. I wonder if they have renovated or replaced their seats? Dunbar was notorious for having “ass-bleed” seats. In regular language: extremely hard, comfortable seating, that will have you begging for mercy long before the closing credits.

    It’s enough of a deterrent to keep me from patronizing them and enjoying their wonderful popcorn.