I’m back, again.


I’ve been reminded by Rob that I haven’t thrown a post down in 2 months. Very busy. I’ve had time for a week down in Mexico with sweetie, which of course means we were exposed to the rigors of air travel. What’s up with people who wait until the last second to gather their carry-on luggage when a plane is de-boarding? They don’t give a shit about the rest of the passengers having to watch in complete agony while holding them hostage on a germ infested nightmare. Recently, Darren Barefoot gave his readers the skinny on seatguru.com, a site that will help airline customers minimize exposure to stupid people. Can’t stand them.

Last modified: March 28, 2006

4 Responses to " I’m back, again. "

  1. Tamara says:

    The worst is sitting in the aisle seat, where every idiot hits you with his or her gigantic shoulda-been-checked luggage. I don’t understand the paranoia that is carrying on all your luggage. Do airlines really lose stuff that often? Is waiting for the baggage carousel so painful? More painful than receiving the stinkeye from your bruised and battered co-passengers? Ugh. Oh well, at least it beats the bus.

  2. kitsgirl says:

    yes, they DO lose your lugguge!! It totally sucks and it IS painful to stand at the baggage carousel waiting forever for your suitcase! Especially when yours is always the last one to roll around. Have you ever spent 4 days in Africa with no clothes or toiletries because your luggage ended up in Cairo? It totally sucks….I’d much rather tote my carry-on and get out of the airport as soon as possible!! No, i have never clunked anyone with my suitecase while hoisting it into an overhead bin…because that would be rude!

  3. Mayo says:

    I always try to travel light so if I can just carry one carry-on then that’s perfect you can just walk out the airport once you land.

    On the other hand, if I have to check at least one bag then I’ll try to check everything so I can be comfortable while going/waiting inside the terminal and getting in the plane.

    So I dislike all of: people hitting me inside the plane, carrying big bags all the way around, having my bags lost and waiting at the carousel. I just try to minimize the number of uncomfortable situations.

  4. Glad to see you’re back…I love the RAGE. Mad Mikey throw down!