Canucks Preferred Restaurant?


WilsonsSaturday night and the crew decided to head out for a steak and watch the Canucks shit-kick the Habs. We made a reservation at Wilson’s Steakhouse and asked to be seated where we could enjoy the action on their giant projection TV. They set us up well… good view, good steak, then mid-way through the second the channel was changed to a pay-per-view boxing event. Our waiter (who was great by the way) said he didn’t know what was going on but would send the manager over. " The game will not be coming back on until the fight is over," he said.  Simple as that.

We explained that when the reso was made we specifically mentioned that we were coming in to watch the Canucks. Had we known a boxing match would trump the game, we would have gone elsewhere! He didn’t care. We left at the beginning of the 3rd period. Suddenly that steak didn’t taste so great. I’ve left out the finer points of the whole episode – profanity, utter disbelief, etc. but I want to know what everyone out there thinks: Is it cool to shut down a Canucks broadcast mid-game on a Saturday night without warning their patrons beforehand? Idiots.

Canucks_preferred_restaurant_1Funny thing is, Wilson’s promotes itself as a Canucks Preferred Restaurant. Here’s a quote from both the Canucks’ and Wilson’s websites. "Wilson’s is the best place to catch all the action – plasma screens in every corner, great food, where every table is your front row seat!" Unless of course its Hockey Night in Canada and the Habs are in town… then they shut off the game so we can all hear Jon Secada sing the Mexican National anthem before a title fight. Unbelievable. On a side note, it looks like one of the owners, Liberal Blair Wilson, is going to win in the election tonight. What happened to Karma!

Last modified: January 22, 2006

3 Responses to " Canucks Preferred Restaurant? "

  1. kitsgirl says:

    thats just inexcusable!!! disgusting really. what kind of restaurant would treat its customers like shit? Especially for a lousy fight! who watches boxing anyways??? I will never set foot in Wilson’s and will be sure to tell everyone I know to go elsewhere. There’s plenty of steak houses in vancouver anyways….Maybe you guys should test a few and let the rest of us know which one is best?

  2. expat says:

    Maybe the manager was a Habs fan?

  3. Wilson's!!! says:

    No way – that is completely unbelievable! I’m boycotting. Maybe that is why there is never anybody in there. Crappy management that doesn’t give a crap about their customers. How did that place survive the hockey strike anyways?