Pay to Run?


Bmo_logo_1 After walking to Granville Island and back with sweetie on the weekend, I was reminded of how many people include "get more exercise" in their new years reso’s. The walking/bike path was packed! While we poked around the Island I noticed two separate advertisements for the Sun Run and Vancouver International  Marathon. Both these events are hugely popular in Vancity and participation grows every year. It made me think that this year I may break a lifelong tradition. Simply put, I don’t pay to run. This is not to say that I don’t run, I do (not much lately, but in the past quite regularly). So we’ll see, I just may pay to run this year. If there is something you’re considering doing this year that you have never done before, throw a comment down and share it with our readers.

Last modified: January 4, 2006

2 Responses to " Pay to Run? "

  1. Gumfree Hotfingers says:

    Pay for gum? I haven’t paid for a package of gum in years. It’s the only thing I steal, honestly. The time is now…I will pay for gum this year!

  2. Rum Bunny says:

    I love Appletons! I can’t go a day without it – goes beautifully with Starbucks each morning. Worth every penny!