Mikey and I eating Humble Pie in Kits


Acmepie_1I tried my first slice of Acme Humble Pie last night and it was huge. We had it delivered and I was surprised to see from their return address that Acme’s homebase is right here in Kits on West 4th Ave. I’ve done a little research and it turns out Acme doesn’t make the pies onsite but instead contracts them out to a commercial baker and then repackages them.  Each fresh-baked deep-dish apple pie comes delivered in a customized wooden crate and is large enough to feed a dozen hungry people. Acme Humble Pies aren’t meant for everyday consumption but rather as a novel way to send out your congratulations, apologies or condolences without having to resort to the old stand-bys.

Pies can be shipped anywhere in Canada, usually within 48 hours, and comes complete with its own crate, reusable pie plate and padding that’s made of customized strips of coloured paper. To contact the Acme Humble Pie, call toll-free 1-877-ACME-PIE or visit them on the Web.

Last modified: January 1, 2006

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  1. Ariadna says:

    Sounds delicious!