The Vanier at Kits Point


VanierWhy do I rent in Kitsilano? Let me count the ways. There is one unit left in the The Vanier at Kits Point on Walnut Street and it’s listed for $925K. Sure it looks like an amazing property – 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms spread out over 1,670 sq. ft. but that works out to $554 per sq. ft. Crazy!  I’m pretty happy renting for $1.60 per sq. ft. per month for now.

Last modified: November 29, 2005

One Response to " The Vanier at Kits Point "

  1. Chris Koehn says:

    Oh man, it is so damned expensive to live on the coast. I once lived on 2700 block of Waterloo, and I loved it. It’s my dream to move back to Kitsilano but how can anyone ever hope to own property down there without winning a lottery?

    Renting must be the way to go I guess, and it gives you the option to move whenever want. But it doesn’t have the feeling of stability you get from owning. I’ll stop talking now…