Kitsilano is full of Vancouverites


Vancouverite I was browsing through the traffic stats for and noticed some new incoming click-thrus from a new blog called The Vancouverite. They claim to be the source for your daily double shot of hyper caffeinated snark-ridden commentary, news, events, and trashy gossip about Vancouver. I checked it out and read though all their posts – it didn’t take long, they’ve only been at it since Oct. 31st. I was impressed, so I reciprocated and added them to our blogroll.

Have a read and let me know what you think. Start with their post titled ‘Tales Of The Official Canucks Blogger’. I’ve mentioned the official Canucks blog here before but I think they may be on to something by recommending Jennifer Good for the job. And you’re right, that’s Matthew Good’s wife.

Last modified: November 13, 2005

3 Responses to " Kitsilano is full of Vancouverites "

  1. Canucks Fan says:

    I like the Canucks and I love beautiful women. I fully support this Good gal as the Canucks official blogger!!

  2. I'd hit it! says:

    Looks like Matthew clued in and told his wife to stop posting slutty photos online. Goodbye Jenny – your 15 minutes of fame was far too long!!

  3. Jennifer Good is missing! says:

    Jennifer Good went from overexposed online to gone. Her blog has been deleted and her flickr account is toast. Does anybody know what happened to her? Did Matt finally tell her to clean up her act? Did see get a job other than shopping & yoga? Is she really a Pilates instructor now?

    She is very hot but not so bright. Vancouver’s very own Paris Hilton. I miss gawking at her semi-nude Canucks cheerleader photos. 🙁

    Every slutty photo is gone.