DJ Vanmega looking for a P/T residency in Kits


Vanmega_1 Kitsilano’s own music maestro is looking for a place to spin in Kits and Mikey and I are committing to bringing our 4-person posse on opening night. I can’t vouch for DJ Vanmega (I’ll call him that until we get his official handle) but it sounds like be might be able to spin a pretty tight set. Here’s what he’s looking for in a Kitsilano venue:

  • Spin 1 night a week, or every other week. 9pm – 1am.
  • Spin at Kits-based bar/lounge WITHOUT a dancefloor, not be the centre of attention, but rather be tucked in the corner.
  • Spin a purposefully eclectic playlist of music (i.e much like the music-related content featured on this website) appropriate for the room, no single genre would play for more than 15 – 20 minutes. Ideally the mix would be so well sequenced and diverse that you wouldn’t even notice what genre was playing.
  • Spin without a microphone plugged into the PA. Meaning no painful shout-outs to anyone. EVER.
  • Spin and receive no monetary payment. I would however get a complementary dinner and and endless I.V. drip of vodka-sodas.
  • Spin with Tk as my partner in crime. That way those approaching with requests, etc, could deal with either of us, plus Tk would bring her own sensibilities to the set, plus… you know… free vodka-soda I.V. drips.

So… Urban Well, Nevermind, Hell’s Kitchen, Abigail’s Party, Tatlow’s, Lola, Regal Beagle – one of you should step up and give DJ Vanmega a shot. He’s got an impressive online following and he’ll pack the house.

Last modified: November 1, 2005

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  1. rba says:

    I love you guys.

    Thanks for the endorsement!