Raving about Raviolino



I have to agree with the Georgia Straight’s declaration that Raviolino’s pasta is the ‘most original pasta’ in Vancouver. Earlier this week I had the Pistachio Nut Agnolotti with Gorgonzola Cream sauce and it may have been the best pasta I’ve ever prepared at home.

Fine, fresh pasta—regular, organic, reduced carb—all made right in the store. Superb prepared dishes that taste great, even from frozen. Innovative culinary crossbreeding (Italian-slash-Peruvian), thanks to the union of owners Giuseppe and Marie Frasca. A varied deli selection, bulk and catering services, a room full of spotless machines designed to compel pasta into marvellous shapes or entice it to bond with exotic South American flavours: this is the kind of alchemistic combination that makes Vancouver an interesting modern city.

Check out Raviolino’s the next time you’re over at MacFourth.

Last modified: October 27, 2005

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