Abigail throws a decent party


AbigailspartyWell it was Rob’s birthday last weekend and the crew had dinner at Zest then made our way to Abigail’s Party on Yew street. As previously mentioned here, Abigail’s Party has replaced Tangerine and is the brainchild of  Mark Durland and James Iranzad of Hells Kitchen & Nevermind. Rob and I  had a few drinks here a few weeks ago shortly after they opened the doors and decided to wait for another visit before commenting. With 12 friends along this time our group definitely brought a vibe to the small room. The service was friendly and we spent about 3 hours emptying bottles of spirits/wine/beer. Thanks for having us over Abigail!

Last modified: October 18, 2005

One Response to " Abigail throws a decent party "

  1. Ben says:

    I have very little recollection of anything after visiting Abigail’s Party that night, so it must have been good.