Kit’s Urban Well dominates the comedy scene


Cornergas_1 It’s unanimous, the Urban Well in Kits is the best comedy room in Vancouver. The Georgia Straight asked the pros in this year’s issue of the Best of Vancouver and comedians Graham Clark and Roman Danylo called it the ‘Best Room or Club’ in the city and Peter Kelamis (a Kits resident) called it the ‘Best Post-Show Hangout’. None of this surprises me – my first show at the Well was back when Brent Butt (of Corner Gas fame) was the host and I never left disappointed. Graham Clark sums up why the Well is so popular with local comedians:

"My favourite place to go to just hang out and perform is the Urban Well. That’s where everybody goes every week. It’s a real community thing, where you can perform and see everybody from the scene. That’s the place. It’s the hub."

If you’re interested in checking out the room under slightly different conditions, the Urban Improv’s Anniversary Show is taking place on November 28th. This troupe has been flying under the radar, media wise, every Monday night (regular comedy night is Tuesday) for eight years, but it consistently puts on great shows to packed houses.

Last modified: September 24, 2005

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