I’m buyin’ this round (maybe not) – Thanks ICBC!


Icbc_1 Wow.  I was opening the mail this morning when I came across a letter from ICBC.  It was my refund check that I had been hearing about in the news recently. There were thoughts of recklessly spending a couple hun along 4th ave on Saturday afternoon. Nope. The check is for 6 dollars. I’d like to hear from anybody that received less just for laughs. Let me know. Enjoy the last weekend of summer Kitsilano!

Last modified: September 17, 2005

2 Responses to " I’m buyin’ this round (maybe not) – Thanks ICBC! "

  1. SUV GUY says:

    $6? What? Do you ride a scooter?

  2. Mikey says:

    Actually, the Kitsilano.ca extended Escalade eats scooters for lunch.