K.Ken may help us all forget the Beaver


BeaversK. Ken Khai Thai To Go has moved into the cursed location that Beavers Pizza (and Senor Pepperonis, Little Mary’s Diner, etc.) used to occupy next to Starbucks at Cornwall and Yew. I doubted their "The Best Chain of Thai Cuisine" claim until I tried their Green Curry Combo (great deal at $8.95) and learned from the owner that this is the 1st Canadian location of a 200 store chain from Thailand. While this is my new Thai take out joint, I do miss the Beaver.

Last modified: September 15, 2005

4 Responses to " K.Ken may help us all forget the Beaver "

  1. I was wondering how good it was. I guess I’ll go give it a try now.

  2. M.Mike says:

    Had dinner at the K tonight…nice feed for 10 bucks. Really busy too. Looks like a hit.

  3. ???? says:

    I guess you all must curious why K. Ken Thai to go has changed the name to be Khai Thai to go. Because the present owner of Khai Thai to go cheat money from partner K. Ken Thai to go that why he changed the name. Before changed the name the people who paid by card, he didn’t transfer money to company’s accout but he opened his personal account and transfer to his account. By the way, he told a lie his partner to sign contract by fax, that is kind of break a law and never gave any copies of their contract to his partner. After that he try to push his partner to transfer the money for investment because he doesn’t have any money until now. After the partner knew everything he sold all the business to him.

  4. Rob says:

    “????” – thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that your business transaction went sour. I do not know the facts beind this situation, so I will not pick sides.

    I did receive a very nice email from the owner of this restaurant on September 22nd which concluded with his announcement of a restaurant name change. Here’s what it said:

    More important thing I would like you to know that we will change the name from K.Ken thai to go to Khai Thai to go coz it sounds better in thai, and Khai means egg in English. Thank you again and hope to see you next time.