There is only one Spanish Bank on the Westside


Spanish_bank_1 For as long as anyone can remember, Spanish Banks has been spelled in plural form. Well, apparently we’ve all been wrong for awhile. Sandra Thomas of the Vancouver Courier reported a couple weeks back that for generations parks staff assumed the "s" was correct, but several years ago an engineer researching the area reviewed original naval charts that used the singular form of the name.

The confusion stems from the fact there are three beaches on the bank, and over time people simply started calling the area Spanish Banks. Spanish Bank(s) was named by early Spanish explorers in the 1770s. The name has been changed on the website and on new literature as its printed. The signs standing there now will continue to read "Spanish Banks" until they need to be replaced due to wear and tear, at which time the spelling will be changed.

I don’t frequent the ‘Bank’ often but by some strange fluke have been there twice in the last couple of days. I would assume that almost everyone has ventured out on the sand bar at some point but you should check it out by kayak – rentals at Ecomarine at Jericho. It’s a very strange feeling paddling around in the great blue ocean and having someone walk by you only knee deep.

Last modified: August 24, 2005

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