Help out your fellow Kits neighbours


A group of Kits folks have built a website to help raise a little money for those who lost their homes to fire last week at 5th and MacDonald. I missed the Garage Sale today but apparently there are other fundraising wheels in motion – look out for a fundraising party later this week.

Try to imagine if this happened to you and everything you owned – your clothes, furniture, family photos – was gone. This fire affected a lot of people in the community and we want to help, so this website was set up to help channel donations and inform you about upcoming events for the fire victims.

In the past, most people did not have insurance. Communities were all the "insurance" anyone had. Let’s show the victims of this fire – many of whom did not have insurance – that the spirit of community is alive and well in Kitsilano and Vancouver.

Thank you for visiting this site and for helping our neighbours in need.

Last modified: August 7, 2005

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