Adam will not eat at this forbidden restaurant


Watermark at Kits Beach will be open to the public next Wednesday, according to developer Peter Barnett in the WestEnder today. Unfortunately, there are still some Kitsilano residents that are not happy and will be boycotting the establishment.

Adam Smith is a long-time resident in the corner house facing the rear of the new site, and he is also a member of the Kits Point Residents’ Association. Smith has attended countless public meetings over the years, representing himself and the association. He has fired off dozens of letters objecting to a proposal he sees as inappropriate use of park space and a case of bad faith on the part of the developer

Hey, if I had a corner lot across from the beach on Kits Point, I’d be pissed too… but I don’t.

Last modified: July 14, 2005

3 Responses to " Adam will not eat at this forbidden restaurant "

  1. My attitude is similar to yours. I think that “Adam” is a prime example of the rampant Nimbyism that’s so present in our fair city. The best/worst example I ever saw was when I lived in Victoria. A number of expensive condos got put up all along the waterfront. Then one day a bunch of them started complaining about the noise from the float planes. But the planes had been there for 50+ years!!!! Wither Canada!

  2. Call now for resos says:

    Reservations: 604-738-KITS

  3. Cecil L says:

    I believe it’s similar to the people in the relatively new apartments along Quebec St near Terminal complaining about the Molson Indy.