If this Showboats’ rocking, don’t come knocking


Showboat Thanks to vanmega, I’ve got August 3rd in my daytimer for a trip down to the Kitsilano Showboat:

Mint Records’ Outdoor Concert: an outdoor concert! The Kitsilano Show Boat has been best known perhaps for showcasing schoolkid tap dances and big band swing nights, but something really cool is on the horizon. On the evening of Wednesday August 3, two Mint bands will be taking the stage at the Kits Show Boat (pictured above) in front of the faux marine iconography and a ridiculously long swimming pool.

P:ano and Duplex! will be bringing their campfire pop and children’s rock on, yes, fireworks night.

Now that is a big improvement on the Kitsilano Boys Band Alumni.

Last modified: July 5, 2005

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