The OC comes to Kitsilano


This weekend, Jane Woolridge wrote in the Orange County Register about a dozen ways to sample Vancouver’s many wonders. Along with the obvious recommendations like Grouse Mountain and Stanley Park, Ms. Woolridge suggests that visitors cross the bridge and visit the "slightly Bohemian burg called Kitsilano".

Stroll down West Fourth Avenue, checking out trendy housewares, retro boutiques, tattoo parlors, cafes and Wanderlust, a first-rate travel bookstore. Don’t miss the funky retro scene at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe (motto: "This is a good place to end your diet"), where you can grab breakfast, a homemade almond shake or, if the stars are in your favor, an appointment with a psychic.

This once again proves my claim that only tourists go to Sophie’s… I’m still looking for the tattoo parlor on West 4th though! Update: Found Liquid Amber just short of Alma Street – my bad.

Last modified: June 12, 2005

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