BeautyBar’s tonics stimulate retail on 4th Avenue


The retail landscape on West 4th between Arbutus and Yew Street is changing for good. Anchor tenant Lululemon is being joined by some brand spanking new retail space – recent move-ins include BeautyBar (more on them below), a Bell Mobility outlet, a Ronson’s walking shoe store, and a couple baby-related stores. What is it with Kits right now?? The area is growing up and locals are sticking around and having kids rather than moving on to the suburbs.

After a big night out with Mikey last night, we strolled along 4th avenue and came across BeautyBar Cosmetics – it’s a great looking space and our significant others insisted we go in for a browse. It’s a good thing we did, they have a ‘tonic bar’ in the back and after trying a sample compliments of owner Tasleem Suleman, we were sucking back a couple of full-sized Elixir Tonic drinks that hit the spot and re-energized us for the day. The next time you’re on 4th, grab a stool at the bar and try a sample – it’s good stuff.

Interesting note: Tasleem is the wife of Zul Suleman – owner of Market Meats just down the street. Look for Mikey to address the BBQ season on the blog soon.

Last modified: April 12, 2008

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