Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis,’s publisher, is the guy responsible for bringing community news to you. Yes, he’s a regular blog contributor. But he’s so much more. Rob saw that his neighbourhood needed a voice and so he created in 2005, way ahead of the Canadian blogging curve.

Rob has been running the circus ever since, connecting readers and bloggers in meaningful discussions on a variety of community issues, from elections and public safety to fluffy fun like summer festivals and restaurant openings.

With foresight like that, it shouldn’t surprise you that Rob is also a tech-savvy entrepreneur. He is the president of Techvibes Media and the editor-in-chief of the blog Techvibes, the Canadian tech community’s first stop for tech news. He’s also a board member of the Vancouver Enterprise forum.

When he’s not glued to his laptop, Rob can be found chasing pucks around the ice, training for marathons and relishing his hometown Vancouver with wife, daughter and son.

If you’d like to advertise with or contribute as a blogger, send Rob an email at

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