UPDATE: Kits Pool to Open on July 13th

For years opening day at Kitsilano Pool has marked the unofficial start of summer in Kits.

This year with summer gatherings being cancelled across the city, we’ll have to check the calendar just to be sure summer has begun.

Last year Kits Pool opened on May 18th and closed for the season on September 15th. And we were set for an even longer swim season this year thanks to Park Board Commissioner John Irwin.

Last fall Irwin brought forward a motion to pilot an outdoor pool season extension that would allow Kits pool to open two or three weeks earlier in the spring and stay open three or four weeks later in the fall.

That prospect seems like a dream today.

While Dr. Bonnie Henry hasn’t made an official announcement on outdoor pools yet, it is safe to say that Vancouver’s only heated saltwater swimming pool won’t be opening anytime soon.

Last modified: June 23, 2020

13 Responses to " Will Kits Pool Open This Summer? "

  1. Dr Steve Larigakis says:

    As we gradually ease up on restrictions it would be nice to open the parks and outdoor pools gradually while maintaining distancing and common sense. There is no documented transmission of Covid 19 or other respiratory viruses through chlorinated water. Regular exercise is critical to maintaining physical and mental well being and we should look for opportunities to provide places to do so safely.

  2. Judy S says:

    I am hoping that kits pool can open this summer with safe provisions for patrons -perhaps closing shower areas and the water fountain.

    A summer without kits pool for me is like a summer without sunshine!

  3. Isabella Scandolari says:

    Summer begins with the openning of KitsPool. The amout of joy that this facility brings to uts swimmers is immeasurable. The most important immunity is to boost the immune system with healthy exercise such as swimming abd Vitamin D from sunshine. Happiness is the best immunity booster! Without the pool I feel the sadness will have an effect on the health of our whole community. Open the pool soon please!

  4. Sarah says:

    Open the pool and limit the patrons. We need all the mental health boosts we can get. Allow 60 minute blocks for people wanting the exercise.

  5. Brent Bryski says:

    Perhaps if they rethink how it should open and basically move to online reservations and maybe breaking up the day into 3 or 4 different blocks do that you can reserve one block of 4 hours per day with a much reduced pool capacity. Perhaps this winter they could redo the whole deck and grass hill which needs to be done anyways and put social distancing markers in place This way they could perhaps allow social distancing and yet have everyone be able to enjoy the pool….however….the next question is what would they do at kitts beach to enforce social distancing that seems to be a much different proposition

  6. Caleigh Sullivan Ashe says:

    I think Kits pool should be open to lane swimmers only. Keep the numbers reduced and no hanging out on the pool deck until later in the summer as things open up further. If hotels and resorts can open why not a large outdoor pool?

  7. Rebecca L. says:

    Please, please, please find a way to safely open Kits Pool this Summer! It’s my happy place & plays such an important role in the emotional & physical well-being of our Community.

  8. Sue Goldswain says:

    I echo all the entreaties to open Kits pool. If chlorinated water is safe against the coronavirus, then salt water should be even more more safe. And if they develop a system of entry, limiting patrons, no use of showers and change rooms, maintaining social distance, wearing masks when in line up etc. surely this can work? Getting our swimming exercise is going to be healthier for everyone!

  9. Shelley Koke says:

    Open kits pool please. Get some warm water in those outdoor showers, keep the change rooms and showers closed if necessary, and let’s get swimming!

  10. John says:

    If you want the pool to open, be sure to fill out this petition:


  11. Cecilia says:

    I support the idea of having reservations and block time (3 hours block) so people is able to put a solid workout.

    We can swim with snorkel to avoid breathing on the side while passing a fellow

    Staff enforcing social distancing rules to avoid people chatting at the wall

  12. Cecilia says:

    I support the idea of having reservations (3 hours block) so people is able to put a solid workout.

    We can swim with snorkel to avoid breathing on the side while passing a fellow

    Staff enforcing social distancing rules to avoid people chatting at the wall

  13. johnny says:

    It is atrocious that pencil head bureaucrats are in control and receive huge paycheques from us.

    Instead of being so pandandic and loyal to their far-left community. Why not use your brain and admit that the corona virus is not fatal, unless you live in a old-age group home. WHERE YOU AWARE THAT THEY SET UP HOSPITAL BEDS AT THE VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTER AND DID NOT USE EVEN ONE? But the corrupt left-wing media did not even mention that.