With this gorgeous summer weather we’re having it’s easy to plan a weekend barbeque without the worries of a washout. Here’s where to get all the best meat and other grill-ables in Kitsilano.


There’s nothing quite like a well-aged, grass-fed, locally-raised, marbled-just-right, juicy rib-eye steak to slap on your grill, and there are several excellent places in our Kitsilano neighbourhood to source them from. Try Greens Market on West Broadway for wonderfully dry-aged beef from Hopcott Farms in Pitt Meadows (it can’t get more local than that), and long-established Jackson’s Meat on West 4th Avenue for a large variety of high-quality beef from 63 Acres in BC.


If you can pay the little bit extra, it’s absolutely worthwhile purchasing free-range or even organic chicken for countless reasons that we are all aware of by now. Market Meats on West 4th Avenue and SPUD (local grocery delivery service) are both great choices for happy chicken that comes from Farmcrest Foods in Salmon Arm, BC. Tip: try slicing (butterflied cutlets) your chicken breast into two thin breasts before grilling it – it’ll cook faster and be much juicier.


Cook-up your next salmon fillet West Coast-style by placing it on a presoaked cedar plank on your barbeque. IGA on West 4th Avenue often has frozen wild sockeye salmon sides on sale (check the deep freeze across from the dairy aisle), and F.I.S.H. on West Broadway sells fresh BC salmon and other locally caught seafood, plus the cedar planks.

Hot Dogs

Weiners, sausages, smokies, bratwursts, veggie dogs – whatever you want, you can get in Kits and you don’t have to worry about any mystery fillers either. Whole Foods sells only quality hot dogs and sausages, made with non-medicated beef, happy chicken, happy pork, or tofu (have you tried the awesome Tofurky sausages yet?). Fresh baked whole wheat buns, gluten free buns, and classic fluffy white buns are available at Whole Foods as well, as, of course, are all the condiments including healthy and delicious sauerkraut.

Last modified: August 15, 2019

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