At times our neighbourhood can appear a bit static, with little left to explore or discover.

Well here are four things you may not have tried yet, but definitely should, and you’ll feel the love for Kitsilano all over again.

1. Eat Popcorn Chicken from Strike

These Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets (as they are technically called on their menu) are an authentic Taiwanese appetizer and taste so much better than they sound. Bite-size morsels of tender and moist chicken are breaded, fried, and tossed with crispy basil leaves and special savoury spices. And it’s under $8 per order so you should probably just order two – these are seriously addictive and so awesome to share. Strike does some excellent Spicy Beef Noodle Soup as well.

Strike, 3217 West Broadway, 604-558-3217,

2. Climb Aboard an Arctic Exploration Ship at the VMM

The historic wooden St. Roch located inside the Vancouver Maritime Museum was built in the 1920s in North Vancouver and had its maiden voyage to the Canadian Arctic in 1928. During WWII, it was used for secret missions in the Arctic. Then, in 1950, this 100-foot schooner was the first ship to circumnavigate North America from Vancouver to Halifax by way of the Panama Canal. Today, you can climb aboard and walk its decks, tour the interior cabins, and even take the helm of this famous historical artifact. Kids will love it, too.

Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue, 604-257-8300,

3. Pickup Cinnamon Buns at Grounds For Coffee

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon these already, you unfortunate soul, or maybe you haven’t yet and we will be spoiling the rest of your summer’s diet with this intel. And perhaps the Point Grey neighbourhood should lay claim to this spot since it’s on their side of Alma Street. Regardless. These are sticky hands down the best cinnamon buns on earth. Warm and fresh from the oven each morning, gooey, and raisin-and-nut-free, they must be consumed with the vanilla-bean cream-cheese icing. Go try one. Now.

Grounds For Coffee, 2565 Alma Street, 604-224-5282,

4. Watch the Sunset from Kitsilano’s Secret Beach

A few steps below Volunteer Park awaits a quiet little pebble beach with some large exposed boulders to sit on. The colourful graffiti splashed across the retaining walls of the rich and famous mansions only add to the risky atmosphere (even though this is a public beach, it doesn’t feel like it). Take in the wide views of English Bay and the North Shore, and when the tide is out, stroll west along the edge and find even more little beaches.

Volunteer Park, 2855 Point Grey Road,

Last modified: June 25, 2019

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