5 Cool Classes for Adults in Kits Neighbourhood


Image: Jeff Kubina

Image: Jeff Kubina

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have mild temperatures and beautiful weather for the last few weeks. But as we all know, this false summer tends to die out early, leaving us to pine away and count the days until warm weather and sunshine are here to stay.

Luckily, classes and activities in Kitsilano are ramping up. From cooking to karate lessons, beat the rain blues by mastering a new skill. Here are just a few of the new activities and hobbies for you to try out in Kitsilano.


Quince offers classes from essentials (for the serious amatuer) to bread making, to tapas and sangria. Most classes are a few hours though they also hold some series classes that build on each other.

Quince, 1780 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, (604) 731-4645, http://www.quince.ca/

Knitting and Crochet   

Conveniently located just off Macdonald on Broadway, Wet Coast Wools has classes in knitting and crocheting. The warm, cozy shop teaches beginners classes as well as more project specific workshops, like felted slippers, shawls, and needle felting projects.

Wet Coast Wools, 2923 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, (604) 568-0011http://wetcoastwools.com/  

Kickboxing and Martial Arts

Work up a sweat and learn some self defense skills with Sport Kickboxing Federation! With a range of Martial Arts programs they insist will make a positive change in your life, SKF offers a great environment to get in shape while building new strength and skills.

Sport Kickboxing Federation 2674 West Broadway, Vancouver, (604) 298-5425, http://www.kickboxing.net/  


Learn to play a new instrument at Prussin Music! With ongoing winter registration as well as casual lessons, Prussin offers the opportunity to learn just about any instrument, from piano to percussion. Interested in learning more music theory? Or vocal training? Prussin has got that too, as well as rehearsal rooms you can rent and jam in.

Prussin Music, 3607 West Broadway, Vancouver, (604) 736-3027, http://www.prussinmusic.com/music-school-mainpage/music-school/


4Cats has classes for the whole family! Adults classes include clay and sculpture, painting, collage and more. If you’ve always wanted to feel artistic, this supportive, friendly environment is the perfect place to start!

4Cats, 3730 West 10th Avenue, (604) 221-4849, http://www.4cats.com/

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Kitsilano Community Centre also has a huge selection of classes and workshops taking place this spring. Take look through their catalog of programs by clicking here: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/kitsilano-recreation-programs.aspx.

What new skills are you hoping to master?


Last modified: April 11, 2019

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