Dark Table blind dining restaurant to open in Kitsilano, Sept. 20


Dark Table, a 75-seat restaurant on West 4th Avenue at Trafalgar (formerly Quattro), is scheduled to open September 20. The novel restaurant concept will blindside neighbourhood foodies. Dark Table guests dine in total darkness, assisted by “guide” waiters, many of which are blind.

Owner Moe Alameddine got the idea from Jorge Spielmann, “a blind man in Switzerland who launched the concept by blindfolding guests to give them an idea of what eating is like for a blind person,” according to this Vancouver Sun article. The Kitsilano location is Moe’s third blind dining restaurant in Canada. If the venture is as successful as the other blind dining launches, you’ll want to book ahead.

Dark Table will serve fusion Mediterranean cuisine. One entree remains a “surprise” which diners can guess at after ordering, for added culinary thrills.

I’m intrigued by the blind dining concept as a voyeuristic food writer. As a diner, however, I’m disinclined to want to dine in the dark. Given the choice, I like my restaurant sensory experience to include a look at my date and my dinner.

Would you try Dark Table? Why or why not? Weigh in below.

Last modified: September 6, 2012

3 Responses to " Dark Table blind dining restaurant to open in Kitsilano, Sept. 20 "

  1. kitsgirl says:

    I’ll try it!!! I’d love too! It would be a great experience and Im willing to bet the food would taste even better if one of my senses was “turned off”, enabling the others to work harder! I cant wait til they open and will probably order the “surprise” entree – as long as its not organ meat, intestines or brains!

  2. kits says:

    Presentation of food won’t matter much in dark. They could feed you cat food.

  3. joseph says:

    i went to a similar concept in toronto,it was great.i think same owner…i already booked a table lol…..