Meet Coma, West 4th’s new Korean Mexican food truck


Have you met Coma Food Truck? I strolled by on Wednesday and had to check it out. You’ll see this chrome wonder on West 4th around dinner time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This Friday, they’re busy prepping for tomorrow’s feeding frenzy in the Canucks fan zone at CBC Vancouver—a noble cause—but they’ll be back in Kits next week.

For many, Korean Mexican fusion is a puzzling concept. I’m happy to break it down. Coma Food Truck serves up Korean classics alongside dishes that are mind-melting cultural blends.

One classic I love is bibimbap, a rice bowl with beef, veggies (julienned cucumbers, carrots, daikon, bellflower root), Korean chili paste and a hint of sesame oil, all topped with a fried egg. It’s gorgeous to behold and super delish when you mix it all up and pour broth over it.

Coma Food Truck also rocks the innovative, mixed-concept dishes, like the generous Korean BBQ burrito—sweet and spicy Korean-style beef or pork, with cheese, house-made kimchi and corn, wrapped in a tortilla, of course. You’ll need two hands to handle that.

Then there’s the Kimchi Quesadilla which comes with cheese, house-made kimchi, tofu, and a special salsa roja that references the zip in Korean chili paste .

Check out the rest of Coma’s menu here. Keep track of their movements here.

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Last modified: June 27, 2018

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