Before announcing Kitsilano’s best Indian food in Kitsilano, we should preface the results with the fact that Vij’s is in South Granville and not in Kits.

We do have some excellent Indian cuisine in Kitsilano though and it was a tight race between two eateries on West 4th Avenue.

Just edging out Indian Oven was Jolly’s Indian Bistro at West 4th and Bayswater. If you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor and head over to try Butter Chicken ala Jolly. You’ll be impressed.

Last modified: January 17, 2017

One Response to " The Winner of Best Indian in Kitsilano in 2010 is not in Kits "

  1. chellah says:

    Don’t agree, I find Jolly’s too inconsistent. I’d only vouch for their Butter Chicken (which is hard to get wrong, anyways), and the Kashmiri Lamb, but Indian Oven hasn’t disappointed me yet, especially with their Vegetable dishes. Their Palak Paneer is infinitely superior to Jolly’s.

    Just my opinion, of course.