Shopping Series – Here Comes the Bride!


This time of year conjures up images of swimming pools, sun dresses, ice cream cones and…. weddings. It feels like every weekend this summer season is either occupied with a wedding or baby shower, stag, engagement party or some other celebratory event that requires a gift! Here’s my guide on the best gift buying shops in your backyard that you can get in, get out, get your gift and get on with your weekend:

Wish.List Boutique

Wish.List is the perfect spot to find the perfect something on your gift getting wish list! Their top suggestions for bridal gifts include a monogrammed necklace or candle with ‘B’ for bride, or a porcelain tea set.

Spas Spas Spas

Kits is crawling with spa’s that is just what a bride needs after months of planning and a full day/night walking in white heels. Some of my favourites: Beverly’s Spa, Le Petit Spa, and Solarice Spa (formerly Spa Ethos)


As Fashion Magazine recently reported, “She who ducks into this shop for a bridal shower gift will be rewarded with an ever-growing selection of fashion jewellery.” Be warned, you will find the perfect gift but you will likely leave with something for yourself too!

Lou Lou Luv

Located on West Broadway Lou Lou Luv is the best spot to get your girlfriend a necklace or piece of jewellery you know she will love.

Last modified: October 26, 2011

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  1. susue687 says:

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