Mary Bennett Author Mary Bennett is a passionate Kitsilano booster. She calls herself a community catalyst - she sparks connections wherever she goes. And while she does occasionally leave Kitsilano, you'll see her all over Kits. Favorite haunts are Kits House, VPL Kits Branch and the coffee shop at 2610 West 4th. Mary's an artist and a member of Facebook: MaryPetersonBennett Twitter: @Mary_Bennett Website:

Why You Should Attend & Network at Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce Meet-ups

I’m not a morning person. Add that to the fact that I’m recently free of my day-job, and I was somewhat...

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Lead a Jane’s Walk and Show Off Our Neighbourhood on May 4 – 5

Mary’s Bee Walk with Go Go Bonkers and participants. There are free walks all over town — indeed all over the...

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Vancouver Maritime Museum: Exciting new activities and floating installations

There’s a lot that’s new at the Vancouver Maritime Museum since I last visited with my two little boys,...

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