City councillors have taken the next step in an ambitious but controversial move that could one day see drivers paying tolls to enter Vancouver’s downtown core.

Council voted in favour Tuesday night of pursuing the Climate Emergency Action Plan, a 371-page report that recommends road pricing, among other things.

As part of 11 transportation actions the Climate Emergency Action Plan approved on November 17th, Council directed staff to develop a transport pricing strategy for Vancouver’s Metro Core by 2025.

Transport pricing will be a fee for vehicles to drive into the Metro Core. Details such as cost, boundaries, and time of day when the fee will be in effect, will be decided through further research and engagement with residents and businesses.

The area would be bordered by the Vancouver waterfront, Burrard Street, Clark Drive and West 16th Avenue.

Last modified: November 18, 2020

4 Responses to " City Councillors Considering Toll for Burrard Bridge by 2025 "

  1. Tiffany Yetman says:

    This prospect is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    Who drew the borders for this absurd proposal? You are cutting out a MAJOR portion of Vancouver proper!
    You are actually saying that residents from Point Grey, Kitsilano, east van east of Clark and anyone south of 16th avenue will have to pay a toll to drive through their OWN CITY?

    What about delivery drivers? How do you plan to control this?

    I am sure that is really going to put a dent in climate change… good plan Vancouver – way to really think BIG PICTURE!

  2. Ester says:

    That’s very terrible. Booooooo.

  3. L says:

    This is absurd I can understand if your coming from Langley or Surrey but from
    Neighborhoods that are literally inclusive of the city like kitsliano, etc. is putting a huge financial strain on top of these residents who go downtown for work or drive through what you’re considering is “the core”. I love literally 1/4 mile from Burrard yet I no longer get to drive there without paying?

    The city is outrageously expensive enough, beyond ethical standards. Use your heads and rethink your strategy. This is not feasible for 90% of the population to adhere to. financially or conveniently. It’s like anyone driving a car is now punished to do so. Yet we have to in order to work and survive.

  4. Mark says:

    City council is full of idiots.