Part of Broadway running through Kitsilano “feels like the high street of a pleasant village – trees, a stretch of small local shops with canopies, a few sidewalk tables, interesting paving blocks at the intersections and drivers who suddenly slow to a meander.”

So writes The Globe And Mail’s Frances Bula in a recent article, Could Ugly Broadway become a Great Street?

The City of Vancouver’s engineering department thinks it will become a Great Street. Preliminary work has now started for the SkyTrain extension along Broadway.

The plans include more trees, planters and wider sidewalks.

“One of the characteristics that makes the small Kitsilano section of Broadway so attractive is the narrowing of the street in the neighbourhood.”

Public input is needed for this reallocation of road space, as it is still part of the Major Road Network and a truck and local bus route.

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The Globe And Mail

Last modified: July 7, 2020

One Response to " Like Cinderella, Broadway Will Become Beautiful  "

  1. H. Hartmann says:

    Not much has been said of the proposal of the 14! Story high rise on the corner of West Broadway & Alma. 14 stories! Where there are still residential houses. Where nothing else is over 6 stories. The quiet side of W.Broadway. Really. I am not against development.
    Keep it in line with the rest. Not double. Come on out. Take a look. Then when there was opposition,the redo was to take 5 ft off the top. 5 feet. You have got to be joking.